Life can feel like a Roller coaster

But we can do more than just hang on tightly!

We can Learn to Enjoy the Ride!

Try Church for 4 Weeks... 

It could change your life!

What is the 4 Week Challenge?

The 4 Week Challenge is a Dare

We Dare you to attend church for 4 consecutive Sundays.

We believe that after attending church for 4 consecutive Sundays your life could be changed forever.

Life is full of twists and turns that can leave us feeling dizzy, but there is a way to do more than just keep hanging on.

We can actually ENJOY the ride of life,

but for that to happen we need to know the destination!


So this year we Dare you...

Attend church with us from September 8th to the 29th.

We believe God can transform anyone's life for the better,

and we believe the best way to engage God is through

the life of a local church family.

So join us at our Worship Experience for

4 consecutive Sundays:

           Carlyle Campus                           9:45 am

           Redvers Campus                         10:45 am

Or join us online!

Take the 4 Week Challenge!