What is the Advent Conspiracy?

Christmas is also about making a difference - sacrificing some of what we have in order to help others.
 So come: Conspire with us! 
Conspire to invest in others.
Conspire to provide clean, life saving water.
Conspire to change our world, one gift at a time.

Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully

December 18, 2016

Christmas is, first and foremost, about Worship.  The materialistic holiday we now call Christmas was originally intended to be a time of Worship.  Maybe the reason Christmas can sometimes feel like "less than we hoped for" is because we have forgotten this.  The good news is that we can rediscover it, or even discover it for the first time.


Join Pastor Louis as he helps us to see the worshipful attitudes of 4 key players in the Christmas story!

Advent Conspiracy: Love All

December 11, 2016

Christmas is a time for family and friends to celebrate together, but shouldn't it also be about loving one another?  Sometimes that's harder than it sounds, but there are good reasons to make a serious effort at it.  Join Pastor Louis as he takes a look at the Christmas story to see how loving all can become a reality!

Advent Conspiracy: Give More

December 4, 2016

Giving gifts is usually fun, but at Christmas time it can also get overwhelming.  So how do we give in a culture where everyone already has most everything they need?  Does your child's teacher really need another coffee mug?

Learn from Pastor Louis how we can give differently, while also actually giving more!

Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less

November 27, 2016

It may not have been the Grinch, but somebody has stolen Christmas!

Trying to buy it back hasn't helped.  At all.  So what do we do?  How do we get Christmas back to what it was supposed to be?  It starts by taking the focus off ourselves.  Join Pastor Louis to find out how!

This Christmas, give differently!

Over the next 4 Sundays, this page will grow to include videos from the four Sunday services of Advent at OneChurch.ca:

November 27

December 4

December 11

December 18

Join the Conspiracy!  It will change your Christmas; it will change your life!

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Advent Conspiracy is about rethinking what it means to celebrate the Christmas season.
Giving gifts to friends & loved ones is good and appropriate, but Christmas is about more than that.  Christmas is about giving more than stuff.  It's about giving of ourselves: our time, our energy, our hearts.