We believe everyone has the right to safe, clean drinking water.

We believe we can make it happen!

You can help!

Take  Action  this  Advent!

Why do we feel compelled to give gifts that aren't really needed?
  • Does your child's teacher really need another coffee mug?
  • Does Uncle Bob really need another reindeer tie?
  • Do any of us really need more chocolates?  Honestly?
What if you could give a gift that meant something?
A gift that meant real change?  A gift of hope?
Give the gift of  WATER! 
Each  Water Campaign Gift Bottle  comes with a gift tag, or label, explaining the gift and the difference it will make.
For the simple price of $10, you can purchase a
 Water Campaign  bottle of water to give as a gift.
Every penny of your $10 goes to provide clean & safe 
 drinking water  to as many as 10 children and their families.

If you are able, you can pick up your water bottle at one of our OneChurch.ca campuses in Carlyle or Redvers, and you can make your donation by cash or cheque (debit is also available in Carlyle).

If you can't get to one of our locations, you can use our online donation link (below) to donate via credit card or Pay Pal, but you will need to specify "Water Campaign" in the notes section before you confirm your donation.

In this case we can mail you your gift label and you can attach it to your own bottle of water, but we will need you to email us with your mailing address and a copy of your confirmation email.  Please email us at: info@onechurch.ca.

How does it work?