Discussion Questions below are based on the messages from Pastor Louis each Sunday

Week 4 Questions

Based on the message from Sunday, May 12th:

  1. Angels are sometimes a popular topic of spiritual discussion outside of organized religion.  What have you heard or read about angels, and how do those ideas seem to compare with a view of biblical spiritual reality?

  2. Have you ever considered before that angels may walk among us appearing as human?  In Hebrews 13:2 we are given an encouragement to entertain (or host) strangers for a specific reason.  Have you ever done this?  Why or why not? 

  3. Pastor Louis explained that angels in scripture are Worshipers of God (Revelation 5:11-12), Warriors (2 Kings 19:35) and God’s Messengers (Luke 1:30-31).  Which of these seems the most obvious to you, and which the strangest or most unusual?

  4. Those who encounter angels in scripture often seem to fall down before them, prepared to worship the angels.  Why do you think this might happen so often, and why would the angels stop people from worshiping them?

  5. Angels fulfill a variety of functions, bridging the gap between our perceived, physical reality and the unseen, spiritual reality.  These include Giving Direction (Matthew 1:20), Protecting from Danger (Acts 12:7-8, 11) and Ministering to people (Luke 22:43).  Have you ever prayed and asked for an angel to be sent?  For which of the above areas would you most likely pray such a prayer?

  6. Pastor Louis compared the 6 points of angelic work (Worship, Warrior, Messenger, Direction, Protection and Ministering) to the work of mothers in our lives (since it was Mother’s Day on Sunday).  Which of these 6 areas are you most appreciative of your mother for providing for you/your family?

Week 3 Questions

Based on the message from Sunday, May 5th:


  1. Pastor Louis’ series so far has been helping us to understand and remember that there is a spiritual reality at work side-by-side with the physical reality we are familiar with.  What does 1 John 4:4 tell us about the spiritual reality we experience when we live with Jesus?  How does that relate to the “temple” Paul writes about in 1 Cor 3:16-17?

  2. “Reality: There is someone living inside you” was the title of Sunday’s message.  Even though that “someone” is the Holy Spirit, why do you think we sometimes shy away from dwelling on this truth, or from sharing it with people who are not Jesus followers?

  3. One of the benefits of the Spirit dwelling within us is having access to God’s help when we are weak.  How can we end up hurting ourselves if we try to only operate in our areas of strength?  Do you have a story you could share about receiving God’s help in an area or time of weakness in your life, according to Romans 8:26?

  4. Areas of strength tend to bring us comfort and feelings of competence, but what might be the benefits of exploring areas in which we feel weak?  In which areas (strengths or weaknesses) are we more likely to recognize the work of the Spirit helping us?

  5. Living with the Holy Spirit should be the most powerful source of hope for our lives, but what other things are we sometimes tempted to place our hope in?  Explore and discuss Romans 15:13 where we are given some instruction on how to experience God’s hope and joy.

  6. The Holy Spirit within us enables us to experience life with all the fullness of God.  Pastor Louis mentioned the fruit of the spirit in Gal 5:22-23 – pick one or two of these where you feel you need the most help from the Holy Spirit.  What are some of the things that might be blocking our growth in experiencing these things?

Week 2 Questions

Based on the message from Sunday, April 28th:

  1. Think back and share one of the first times you remember considering or believing that there was a spiritual reality at work around us.  If you have never had such an sense or experience before, what is it about the idea that either bothers or interests you?  Why do you think a spiritual reality might be more eternal than physical reality (2 Cor. 4:18)?

  2. Sometimes life definitely does feel like a battle, but 2 Corinthians 10:3-4 tells us who our real (spiritual) enemies are.  Discuss who or what you have sometimes considered to be your enemy and what the spiritual reality behind the scenes might be.

  3. If you have come to faith, what kinds of obstacles did the enemy use effectively against you and how were they overcome?  The enemy’s tactics again are: a blinded mind (2 Cor. 4:4), God’s Word being stolen (Matt. 13:19), traps set to ensnare (2 Tim. 2:26), fighting against you (1 Thess. 2:18) and plans to destroy you (1 Peter 5:8).  Whether you are a believer or not, which of these do you think might be a real battle you are facing today?

  4. If feelings of loneliness, isolation and defeat are another strategy of the enemy, how can we combat those feelings both practically and spiritually?  Without imagining demons where there probably aren’t any, how might our culture be set up to defeat us in this area?

  5. Why do you think it is so east for us to consider prayer as a last resort rather than a “go-to” response to our situations?  Describe a time when you prayed and something meaningful happened, even though you were afraid or lacked confidence in your prayer.

  6. Close with a time of prayer – for open spiritual eyes, for spiritual preparedness, for the enemy’s strategies to fail, and for Christ’s victory to manifest in our daily lives!

Week 1 Questions

Based on the message from Easter Sunday, April 21st:


  1. As Pastor Louis pointed out, we live in a world where there are many different belief systems.  When was the last time you encountered a belief system different from your own?  What was the most noticeable or interesting difference you discovered?

  2. Generally, we don’t like thinking about what happens after death – we would rather think of ourselves as indestructible.  Think of a time when you were confronted with your own frailty.  How did that experience impact you and how did it cause you to re-examine your life?

  3. It is not unusual to hear someone say that “all religions are basically the same” but Pastor Louis made a good case that there are a great many differences.  What might be some good ways to challenge that idea of “all religions being the same” when we come across it?

  4. In John 14:6 Jesus makes a very exclusive claim to be the one and only way to Heaven.  Why do you think this idea bothers so many people?  In what ways might these claims of Christianity actually make the case for Jesus stronger?

  5. In Acts 3:15 Peter declares himself and the other Disciples to be eye witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus.  What have you personally witnessed or experienced in a spiritual capacity that you would be willing to testify about?

  6. Pastor Louis shared about the life of Thomas the Disciple (often called Doubting Thomas), who wanted to touch and see the risen Jesus before believing.  If you are a believer, how many times did you hear the Gospel before believing?  If you are not a follower of Jesus, what do you think it might take to convince you?

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