Giving Communion "The Look"

August 3rd, 2014

We celebrate communion monthly. It has the possibility of becoming common place, but remembering Jesus' death in this way should be anything but common.


Pastor Louis reveals that durring communion we are called to "Look" back, within, around, and ahead.

Urban Legends: God Wants Me To Be Happy

July 13, 2014

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands. This week Louis looks at the urban legend God wants us to be happy. The answer might surprise you!

Urban Legends: One Way

July 6, 2014

Louis starts the new series Urban Legends with the idea of multiple paths to God. Let us see if this legend lives up to the hype.


June 29, 2014

Pastor Mike White brings a great word on overcoming our Giants.

Jason Shepherd - M180 - Kenya Missions

June 22nd

Jason shares the stories of the mission in Kenya, and the lives changed (especially the babies) and chalenges us to understand the call of God as "Sent" ones.

Father's Day - the Priority of a Father

June 15th, 2014

God represents Himself as our Heavenly Father.


Our Children’s basic/first understandings of God are formed through there interaction with us - there earthly fathers.


God given men the incredible privilege of imitating Him as Father.


A Father’s (Parents) Priority is to gradually transfer a child’s DEPENDANCE away from them until it rests solely on GOD. - Love your God, Lead your Family, Train your Kids -

The End of the WOrld

June 8th 2014

Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Larry VanBeek talks about the end of the world and the imminent return of Jesus Christ.


How is the reality of Jesus' immenent return to affect our lives?


Zombies, vampires, oil riggers, and more. You really don't want to miss this. :) 

Liar, Liar, Liar

June 1st, 2014

Talking about the lies that so many of us believe that "God is Angry" with us.

Pastor Mike White preaches on his one year aniversary at


It has been an awesome year with Pastor Mike and Alicia White and we look forward to many more with them as we minister in South East Saskatchewan.



I AM the Bread of Life

May 25th

John 6 begins with Jesus feeding the 5000 and the crowds are infatuated with Him. Then by the end of the chapter the crowds abandon Jesus because He has declaired Himself the Bread of Life and made the crazy statement that only those who eat His flesh and drink His blood will have eternal life.


Continue to learn about the infinite value of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord.

I AM the True Vine

May 18th

Jesus declares that He is the True Vine, which also means there are false vines. Which Vine will we insert our branch into?



I AM the Good Shepherd

May 11th

If Jesus is the Shepherd that makes us the Sheep. :)

Thankfully he Guides, Protects, Provides, and Corrects.

Relevance with Missionary Rod Corcoran

May 4th

Great service with Rod Corcoran.

Mexico Missions Review

April 23rd 2014

Hear the stories about the 2014 Mexico Missions Trips. Listen as each person who went on the trip share a story. Powerful, fun night.

I AM Jesus - Resurrection

April 27th

In the gospel of John, Jesus makes 7 "I AM" statements. With each statement Jesus is one again declaring that He is God.


In Philippians Paul declares that knowing Jesus is of infinate value. Knowing the "I AM" is of Infinate value.

Easter Sunday - God's Not Dead

April 20th

Resurection changes everything. Because Jesus is Alive everygthing changes. Because Jesus is Alive we can know Him. Because Jesus is ALive we can experience Resurection power. Jesus is Alive.

Good Friday - Fammous Last Words

April 18th

If you knew you were about to die what would be your last words? Our last words are vital, they speak to what is most important to us. Looking at Jesus' last words we see what is most important to Him.

Mexico Sunday

April 13th

Hear the stories, see the pictures.

Proportional, Sacrificial Giving, Faith-filled Giving

April 6th

Proportional Giving. Jesus is teaching us that how much we give is related to how much we have.
Sacrificial Giving. Jesus doesn't tell the woman to keep her money, that God doesn't really need it.
Faith-filled Giving. Not knowing exactly how God will provide for you after you give.

Global Leadership Summit Promo

Promo Video for the GLS Bus Trip

Click "Here" for the brochure.


Campus Pastor Deb Andrew speaks on Freedom

Freedom in Christ

And Freedom in our minds and thoughts.

This is where the battle is fought.

We Believe in many ONEs at

Pastor Louis Joins the Carlyle and Redvers Campuses from Mexico discussing the universal truths of ONE.


Dr. Jeromey Martini, Horizon College & Seminary's President brings a message about Loving God.

Death and Life

March 2nd 2014

Louis brings the Word looking at two HUGE concepts

Walk the Talk

Feb 23rd 2014

Campus Pastor Mike White builds on the previous weeks message and challenges us to live out the Christian Life.

How We Love - Deb Andrew

Feb 16th 2014

Redvers Campus Pastor Deb Andrew shares. Great message from a Godly woman.

Sex Sunday 2014

Feb 9th 2014

Our culture sells everything with Sex and for the most part the church is silent. Yet Sex was and is our God's idea. Join us as we look at this incredible Gift from God.


Jan 26 2014

Bitter or Better

Jan 19 2014

Pass the Baton

Jan 5 2014

On Target

Nov 24 2013

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