1. According to the video, 1.1 million people in Zimbabwe do not have enough food to eat.  How do you think this is affected by a lack of access to clean water?

  2. ERDO is the international relief arm of our denomination (the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada).  Check out their website and find out about their Clean Water initiatives: ERDO

  3. How would Canadians feel if 1/5th of our schools didn't have any clean water?  How valuable would school be to you if it was the only place in town to get clean water to drink?
  4. In Numbers 21:16-18 the people of Israel sang a song about a well.  What kind of song do you imagine it would be?  Slow or fast, loud or soft, excited or reserved?  What does their singing such a song suggest to you about the importance of water to these people?