1. Did you know that had raised $5,000 for clean water in 2017?  Did you know that those funds were matched, to equal $10,000?  What ways does this kind of donation-matching help encourage giving?

  2. Christmas as "Jesus' Birthday" is a powerful image.  What does it remind you about celebrating and about gift-giving?  Read Matthew 25:37-40 and consider or discuss how it is possible to give gifts to Jesus even today.
  3. How would you react if your home was threatened by attempted break-ins?  Would you consider moving or even changing jobs to find some place safer?  What does it say about the Feller family that they are committed to staying and making a difference even when things are not easy or safe?
  4. Take a few moments to pray for the Feller family and the needs Jeremy mentioned, as well as for their work to be effective.