1. What is your favourite form of ice?  Why do you love this kind of ice so much?  Think of some other forms of ice in nature that aren't mentioned in the video.
  2. The Water Hunter mentioned the freezing temperature of water in 3 different temperature systems.  Have you ever heard of the Kelvin system before?  Read a bit about the system: here.
  3. In Fall or Winter when the puddles are just freezing, have you ever gone for a walk and stepped on the ice only to have it crack?  Even if the puddle seems muddy, how does the icy surface usually look?  Would you ever consider using puddle water for anything?
  4. Saskatchewan Winters are regularly cold enough to freeze your tongue onto an icy or metal surface.  Have you ever witnessed this?  What do you think would be the best way to "un-stick" someone in this situation?