1. How much do you think about water vapour during your day?  Does this change between the winter and summer months?  Of the 3 states of water (solid ice, liquid water and gaseous vapour) which one do you think it most useful in your daily life?
  2. Have you ever thought of the ways water can be inconvenient in our daily lives?  Despite it's importance to our health, what other ways does water make our lives easier or harder?
  3. Have you ever been burned by steam coming out from a kettle, a hot oven, or some other source?  Why do you think steam burns may be more dangerous that other kinds of burns?
  4. The Bible speaks about water vapour, specifically the kind we see in clouds, mist or fog: James 4:13-16.  Consider and discuss how fleeting and temporary visible water vapour can seem.  How does this compare with many of the things we spend our time worrying about?