1. Have you ever considered that frost and dew are formed in a very similar way, only at different temperatures?  What do you think this says about the versatility of water in our environment?
  2. Think about the 5 strangest surfaces you have seen accumulate frost in the winter time.  What do these surfaces have in common that might make them likely (or unlikely) to accumulate frost?
  3. Other than covering the surface of a road, in what other ways might frost become dangerous (or at least inconvenient) to us in our daily lives?
  4. When the Israelites were living in the wilderness and God provided mana for them to eat, they described it this way: Exodus 16:14-16.  Is it strange to think that people in the desert would understand what frost looked like?  Does this image help you understand what the "mana" was like, or does it just make things more confusing to you?