1. Condensation is one of the most important characteristics of water in our environment.  Try to understand and explain how water vapour in the atmosphere becomes rain.  If you want to read more about this process, check out some science resources here.
  2. Why would the quality of the insulation in your home affect how water vapour is lost or retained, and how would that affect condensation on windows and around doors?  Have you ever kept a cold drink in an insulated mug?  What would the result be compared to a regular plastic or glass drinking cup?
  3. As you celebrate Christmas Eve today and Christmas tomorrow, spend some time thinking and talking about how water was involved in your holiday preparations.  How much harder would your life be if you had to go even as far as down the street just to get water for your family?  If you gave or received a Water Project water bottle this year, spend a few moments praying for the children and their families whose lives will be improved thanks to those who have given.


This has been our final video for the 2018 Advent season, as tomorrow is Christmas Day and the waiting is over. Thanks for joining us on this journey! wishes you and your family the merriest of days as you celebrate together with family and friends! If you will be alone on Christmas Day or otherwise in need of company, we invite you to join us for a free Christmas Lunch at the Carlyle Campus of, starting at noon. Everyone is welcome!