Sports Combo 7

All Ages

Our largest Bouncer, the Sports Combo 7 serves up a seven-challenge inflatable combo bounce house of entertainment! A large jump area, vertical and horizontal obstacles, a climb, a slide, and interior and exterior basketball hoops. This Bouncer has it all and will provided entertainment for hours on end.  This versatile inflatable jumper combo is ideal for backyard parties, family events, recreational events or at an indoor center.  


Product Dimensions:  Length:  22'0" (6.71 m)

                                           Width:  19'0" (5.8 m)

                                           Height: 14'8" (4.48 m)

Large Bounce House

All Ages

This 4-feature challenge is jam-packed with fun, offering a generous area of jumping area, basketball hoop, climb and slide. Bright and lively this unit offers more fun per square foot than any other! Built for both indoor and outdoor use. High-visibility mesh around all sides allows spectators to view easily.


Product Dimensions:  Length: 20'4" (6.2 m)

                                           Width: 15'10" (4.83 m)

                                           Height: 14'6" (4.42 m)

Fun Express Train Bounce Station

Ages 5 years old and under

The train is at the station with this adorable and colorful Fun Express train station inflatable obstacle course. Once kids enter through the front of the train, it's on to gentle climbs and whizzing slides, under upside-down obstacles, and maneuvering around pop ups. Once in the interior of the station, participants are greeted by a 3D palm tree and a train signal pole. The exterior art makes kids feel like they are at a real train station, with a ticket booth, a detailed train and even a clock image to make sure the train is on time!The inflatable play structure begins with a front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through tunnels and pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. The challenge obstacle then leads to an exciting climbs and slides, all to guarantee hours of enjoyable physical activity. Each inflatable play structure has mesh windows for easy viewing.


Product Dimensions:  Length: 27'0" (8.23 m)

                                           Width: 20'0" (6.1 m)

                                           Height: 8'9" (2.67 m)

Small Bounce House

All Ages

Our Small Bounce House is the perfect solution when you're facing height limitations. With it's 7'10" total height, this unit will fit almost any indoor facility. This unit can also be used outdoors as it comes with a convertible roof. High-visibility mesh around all sides allows spectators to view easily.  Padded boxing gloves are optional, but are included with the booking if desired.


Product Dimensions:  Length:    11'8" (3.56 m)  

                                           Width:      13'0" (3.97 m)

                                           Height:     7'10" (2.39 m)

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Bouncer Request Form

The Bouncers are now mobile until Fall. What are you celabrating? a birthday, anniversary or a community event? We can bring our Bouncy Houses to your event!

Our bookings always include our trusted team members arriving at your location to set up and pack away our bouncers for your event. This allows for safe set up and use of our bouncers for maximum fun!  For Community events we always provide at least 1, Representative to over see the bouncy houses for your entire event. Each private event is assessed based on needs and number of bouncers estimated. The bookings are fulfilled on a suggested donation basis depending on the type of event, our administrative staff will guide you though this but to just for you to know- we are a non-profit, we love the opportunity to share our bouncers with all the communities around and once inured costs are covered; donation monies help maintain the Indoor Playland which gives young families a warm meeting place in the cold months for free!

If you are interested in booking the bouncers for a birthday event, other private event or community event, please fill out the request form below! Have questions? ask away in the form below:)

Please note that not all dates are available.  Booking early will give you the best chance at the dates you want, and allows us to better plan the Bouncer schedule!